Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Welcome all you children of the Giant that sleeps. Yes the Gaint that sleeps. Nigeria is the Gaint of Africa that has fallen into a deep slumber. Yes Nigeria is the dormant Gaint.

How do I wake a sleeping gaint when it is apparent that it will take much more than a jolt to make it happen.
Maybe I should call this blog "HOW DO YOU WAKE A GIANT THAT SLEEPS" because that is the puzzle i intend to solve.
Children of the Giant that sleeps, does it seem - she (Nigeria) have given birth to dwarves? In my best understanding of how nature works, giants procreate giants not dwarves.

It takes enormous strength to perform enormous acts. In a nutshell, It takes a Giant to wake a Giant not a dwarf.

If you are proudly Nigerian and you are not one of the dwarf bastard children that claim sonship of the Giant. Drop Giant words in this blog. Take Giant strides. Create Giant ideas. Make Giant Contributions. Acquire Giant Knowledge. And Watch The Giant AWAKE! Lets Make Nigeria Great!