Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yes MIA is back and I wonder what part two of this entire movie would look like. I wish our Nollywood producers could always recreate the dramatization that happens in our political arena. Instead they project meaningless, none subjective and less objective scripts to the masses who are in dire need of reformation and education through entertainment.

Well I sit and await what unfolds now that He is back. Maybe some day I will make some movie out of it. You never know.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


At this stage of my life, i understand the difference between good and evil; lie and truth; and any other common opposites that exist. But what I find hard to understand is how on earth some people who have come on this road before me; who also know the differences would prefer to subdue or pretend not be aware just for the sake of using ignorance as a means to meander in and out of the opposites.

Most of the times these "special" people assume they are fooling everyone, assuming that, because he is smarter and no one sees.

Do you sometimes remember how your parents used to pretend they were ignorant of your mischief, only this time, at this your age, with all your education (LLBs, MBAs, MNIs, NFA, HIVs, etc),and rigged political portfolio, those people you assume to be fooling couldn't just fathom how you hadn't grown out of childish antics. You know who you are. And am saying Enough is Enough. Don't think there is any rematch come 2011 .