Saturday, February 14, 2009


Hey people! First of all, I am not dead in case you suspect that is the reason naijamarket is stagnant for a while now. What has been happening to me over the past 8 months is worse than death.

Tell me what would the life of an urban professional be like without a reliable, broadband internet connection in this age and time. The answer would be "you are dead to the world".

Well my ordeal started some 7 to 8 months ago. While I was busy doing busi-body and praising and marketing multilinks telecoms data services, little did I know that they where about to stab me straight on my chest. Worst part of it is that their customer service line rings and rings and rings but no body picks unlike at least the likes of Ecobank, Zenith Bank and others that their customer care lines would keep you busy with jingles of other packages they are trying to sell to you, waste your hard-earned credits and answer when your credits are on the brink and never call back when the line drops. You know what I mean, "Your call is number..... 10 on the queue please hold".

Multilinks doesn't have all that paramphenalia and yet no one picks up. When someone picks up you have to come to their office to lay your complaints and kill more time. Long and short of it, I set out to look for the best ISP that would live up to at least 50% of their media hype.

Starcomms was suggested by a friend of mine who happens to use his internet connection for just emails, chat and occasional facebook. I had to abandon my Multilinks Phone I bought for 25k with no second hand value. I quickly got configured to Starcomms. The First two days looked good, after that, its "cannot find server" that displays. Frustration set in for another 2 weeks then it came back to a speed I could manage. A couple of issues kept popping up in-between and just the other guys, customer service is zero. You know with all the engineers and front desk officers whom their ego and complex do not allow to understand the difference between having a job and doing the job you have, its even harder to get a little fix done for you.

Well to cut a long story short, the past 8 months has seen me living the life of a [ISP] prostitute, moving from one to the other in very short and quick time frame (Multilinks, Starcomms, DOPC, Visafone, Glo) and now MTN 3G which can be hopeless when it seize to send or receive data. But I have learnt to manage what I have until it depletes beyong repair as it is with every other services we get in this country - PHCN, NITEL, NNPC, Government, etc. I will survive Nigeria and live to tell the tale.