Monday, July 2, 2007


Just coming across one statement on the internet created a whole new quest in me these past weeks. The statement read: "Make money online: work at home and earn more than you could ever get at your present work place". Now i cant remember which site i was on but i was tempted to click on the ad. At that i discovered a whole lot of Work at Home Websites, thousands; millions of them scattered all over. Most of them asking you to part with some cash in exchange for the tips and secrets of internet money making.

That same period i just registered this blog and put up my first post. I stopped everything i was doing and started a 2-week long research that took every spare time i had.

The Goodnews
In all my research i found out that:
1. Yes there are so many avenues one can make money online

2. There are a lot of people making unbelievable amounts of money

3. It is possible to make it just like they are (the gurus)

4. You dont have to pay anybody to get materials to learn with. There are a lot of articles and reviews that talk about the good and bad internet money programs. You just need to take out time doing some reading and research before you ever take a step to getting involved.

The Bad News
1. For some of you who think you just sit there and money comes, its easier said but some hard work would have to go before you reap.

2. There are a lot of scammers that promise you heaven on earth only to leave you with loads of materials that wouldnt be as useful as you doing the research yourself.

3. Most of the "Work at Home" Online jobs are true but are country or region specific. So you will find out that as you are located in Nigeria, you will not be relevant to a Paid Survey that is sponsored by an american firm, for american audience or customer base (Paid Survey is one out of the work at home jobs).

In a nutshell, no matter how we see it, our counterparts out there put in a lot of work and planning towards everythings they do. One very import thing i will leave with you is you might have to spend some money also but make sure you spend some time studying every lead before you spend your money.

I know one out of many ways of making money online that works and that is blogging! So am back to my blog and i intend to make it rich and interesting.