Friday, August 15, 2008


Using an automated forex systems has some significant advantages over discretionary trading.

The many advantages include:

You do not need to be present physically to trade the system. The system trades 24 x5. You don’t miss trading opportunities because you are away from the platform.

You can diversify your trading by using multiple systems, this spreads out your risk and smooths out your equity line

An automated forex system removes the fear and greed you will experience when trading live manually and trades a system with consistency and most importantly without hesitation. 2 areas where most traders fail.

Automated Forex System - Shark EA - Review
The Shark EA Automated Forex System watches 12 indicators, pivots, fibs and support and resistance levels on multiple time-frames to make a trading decision. Every trade is secured by a fixed stop-loss (with the initial order). The Shark executes 2 trades on an average trading day with a win ratio of 85% from all trades. The recommended risk-setting per trade is 1%-3% of your equity. The System is tested back to 1999 and is since January '07, it is used on a "LIVE" account. Actual P/L on Live Account: +927% since January 2007. You can verify this with 3rd party login to the Live account.

Automated Forex System - Griffin EA Review:
The Griffin EA is an intra-day automated forex system executing 1-2 trades on an average trading day and has a win ratio of 89%. uses higher time-frames to determine the actual market direction and lower time-frames to determine turning points. Every trade is secured by a fixed stop-loss (with the initial order). The recommended risk per trade is between 2%-4% of total equity. The Actual P/L on Live Account is +129% since September 2007. As with the Shark EA, you can verify these results with 3rd party login here.
Sniper Forex is a manual indicator system that uses a precision algorhythm to provide precise entry and exit points. It has been designed for MetaTrader mt4, a market leading, widely available trading platform which you can download for free here

The system comprises three trigger lines, with an arrow telling you when to buy and when to sell. Simplicity itself - blue buy and red to sell.Over the past 5 years it has proven to be highly accurate, especially when allied to the best time frame, currency and time of day. While it is accurate for just about any of these three variables, for optimal efficiency it is best to follow my instructions closely. Not every trade is a winner, but historically losses have been much smaller than wins. On our chosen timeframe and currency wins outnumber losses 2:1, but are also almost three times larger!

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Nigeria Forex Trading Websites Review Coming Soon!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hey I'm back to this blog for good. I promise not to live this blog alone for too long anymore. I'm back with a new face and a new line of topic for discussion. I am going to be talking about money a lot here and how to make it legit on the internet without having to scam anyone. I will also try to warn you about the different scams going on online that every country is guilty of. In all i am going to open your eyes to the fact that there is hope for you as a Nigerian.

We will go on a journey to uncover the mystery of making money online. Which you have probably tried to unravel and in the process get scammed! or meet a brick wall with a lot of marketing tools and e-books that you bought of affilliate marketers who in turns have also been scammed into buying materials with a promise that those materials would provide them with quick money ideas or secrets.

Let me say here that making money legit is never easy until you pay your dues. By your dues and for online business I mean working for long hours researching every lead, checking every domain name for authenticity, reading between those lines of promises of huge income streams to find out more, checking for the authoritative trends of such promises, above all spending some money also because some information cannot be gotten free and to make money you have to spend money. Investment of time & money is the key to Forex, MLM, HYIPS, AFFILLIATES, WEBSTORE, BLOGS, FORUM,

So if you are in a hurry to make a quick buck by scamming, watch out you are destroying and closing every avenue that is open to you and your fellow Nigerians to make a living other than sit around waiting for a government that make things better.

On that note, here is a mail i just recieved from a forex broker that i used and the sad news is I have just lost one opportunity that I use to make money online:

"Hi, ******,

******FX will no longer be accepting account applications from citizens of Nigeria. *******FX is taking this action due to the rapid increase in instances of fraud that promises unrealistic expectations in FOREX trading that specifically target Nigerian citizens. To protect the citizens of Nigeria from fraudulent schemes we advise that Nigerian citizens be aware that there are risks associated with FOREX trading and there is no methodology that can eliminate risk or guarantee performance.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Kind regards,
******** FX

Sadly I am not one of those fradulent people. But I am a Nigerian. Period.

Where does this leave me. Go back home and plan a scam "deeper grave".

I am sure that you have come across adverts, jingles, posters especially in big cities around Nigeria of Forex Seminars and Trainings paraded with long speeches on the radio and tv on how you can make unrealistic profits from trading forex. Well things are getting out of hand because as usual you can not separate the good from the bad guys when you have the bad guys out-numbering the good guys by a ratio of 1:500.

Please come by this blog as many times as you can because I am going to be sniffing and speaking a lot.

Cheers to a better Nigeria!