Friday, September 21, 2007

The President's Son and Microsoft Employee - The son of Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo is a Program Manager at Windows

Just came across this one while doing my usual waka about on the internet.

You want a private one on one with Bill Gates? Well, you have to be the son of a president to get a 15 minutes meeting. This is the case of Dare Obasanjo, Program Manager at Windows Live. As Microsoft accounts for in excess of 70,000 employees worldwide, its bound that there should be some diversity within the workforce. Well, here is a link pointing to a Wikipedia entry on the current Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo (foto), and the father of Dare. Dare got to chat with Bill Gates as Microsoft's co-founder was preparing for a visit in Nigeria. "BillG asked a couple of questions about me and my family such as how long I'd been at Microsoft, where I want to school, if my mom was Stella Obasanjo (she isn't), what my mom did, if I had any siblings back home and so on. I appreciated talking about myself and was put at ease before being asked about Nigeria or my dad," confessed Dare. Dare additionally revealed that Gates' visit to Nigeria was related to the involvement of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation into Africa and efforts to eradicate polio in Nigeria through vaccination. "We did talk about Microsoft a little. When I mentioned I work for the Windows Live platform group he mentioned that this would be an interesting area to be in over the next few years and commented on a number of Windows Live services such as Windows Live Spaces, Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail. He also talked about some of the leadership changes we've had across Windows and Windows Live," also revealed Dare. After the 15 minutes talk was done, while exiting the building, Dare Obasanjo witnessed a conversation the Receptionist was having with a visitor. For your amusement and consideration,
here it is:

Visitor: Where is Bill Gates' office?

Receptionist: I'm not at
liberty to divulge that information.

Visitor: I need to see him, I just
downloaded Windows Vista and I have a number of complaints.

Thought I should share this. Im particularly impressed with Dare Obasanjo's Achievement. He couldn't have gotten the Job because he is the President's Son. Imagine sef, Bill Gates only had fifteen minutes for
him. Try that in Naija. If you fit employ President son na board of director's position Im go get, nothing short.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today , I went to the National Assembly to see a friend of mine that is a personal staff to a Distinguished Senator of the Republic. Today I had an experience I will never forget.

My friend did not have much to do, so we gisted about opportunities and other things that could emanate from his work place (you know the usual opportunies - contracts, connections, employments, etc. Just comparing notes to see how we can run things.

After business as usual he informed me that today is the hearing for the over (N600m) six hundred million Naira contract scam against the Honourable Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives Hon (Mrs.) Patricia Ette. We decided to head to the Hearing Room 1.

We got there and to my amazement, the whole place is packed full to the brim. Come and see Naija in shapes, sizes even classes too. Interestingly these people all came to this hearing for different reasons. Some came to see that justice is done. Some are sympathisers who think the Lady is being victimized because she is a woman (the first female Speaker in the Federal House of Rep.). There were a load of journalists, cameramen, name it every media house is represented. I think I belong to the category of people that came to witness the hogwash called the legislative arm of the Government pretend as usual.

Just as we got in. We heard the chairman of the panel call up Madam Speaker to come and give her testimony. Immediately one of the honourable members in her group (She came with a group of supporters) Started hailing her with so much alacrity that I wondered if the ocassion was a chieftaincy or turbaning ceremony. Just at the same time the oposition from the other side of the room retorted with Ole! Ole! Ole! meaning thief! thief! theif! And so I watched as was mean't to be a panel of enquiries into the 634 million Naira contract scam against the Honourable Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives that has been a buzz for a while took a different turn when the two factions (supporters of the speaker & the opposing side) engaged in fist fights right in front of the cameras and whoever cares to watch.

The dishonourable acts showcased by the Honourable Members is nothing compared to the much anticipated October 6th Heavyweight Boxing encounter.

I enjoyed the fight! had I known, I could have placed a bet on one of the factions before it all started. Maybe bet on (with) Madam Speaker, I sure say she go remain after the whole tin don blow over. The hearing has been adjourned to a later date.

Like Nollywood would say at the end of every first movie "Watch out for Part II" "Grab Your Copy Now" "To God be the Glory"

A Reflection of Naija (my beloved country)?

Its funny how time flies. I am a year older now and I seem not to be getting younger too. Taking a look at my mirror this morning and to an extent I have been ignoring my looks. I used to be a fine guy you know, facial and structure-wise (some of you would say "you wish". Well wait until you hear my mama ramble about my fineness).

But anyway, what I saw today was not funny at all. I had to take a second look and not convinced about what I am seeing I switched on my room light to illuminate my face in case shadows are playing some tricks on me. Men was I disappointed?

I spent the whole day looking and feeling so moody about my discovery. My friend kept asking me what is wrong and that I should cool down if its all about the usual moody causing suspects like money and woman palavar. I couldn't tell him. I couldn't tell anyone. Even now am telling you, I guess you dont know me so you wont have to laught or look at me with pity.

Later in the day I decided taken up the challenge of finding out what went wrong. I am just turning 31 years old but I think the image I saw was a 40-45 year old. (Hey don't go throwing suggestions at me because I am not sick from any terminal disease and yes i went for a check up and test recently and e no dey show for face!).

So what went wrong. Just this evening the answer to my ponderings came through. I was on the phone with my cousin of about the same age as moi who lives in Germany and he said he sent me his and wife's pictures to my e-mail. When I checked my mail I was stunned at how much better he looks since I saw him 1 year ago.

Men! Just one year that he left Naija for greener pastures.

My findings:
  1. Surviving Naija requires a lot of sacrifice and loss (Is it worth it)
  2. I am a reflection of Naija (my beloved country)
  3. Just like a lot other Nigerians I am caught up in the poverty trap Chasing Money instead of opportunities.
  4. If I continue this way. My grave is not far away?

My Resolve:

  1. Regain every loss by staying positive
  2. Become not a reflection of Naija's situation but a reflection of Naija's Bright future
  3. Chase opportunities (step out of the vicious circle)
  4. If I continue this way. My gain is not far away?