Sunday, August 5, 2007


Lights, Camera, Action! The show is on! Everybody is glued to thier TV screens. The Much awaited second season of the Big Brother Africa Show is back with a bang. It promises to deliver much more entertainment with the competing personalities that were carefully selected from 12 African Countries. For those who wonder why just 12 and not all the African Countries? These are the countries that have much dstv subscribers. Its all about the business behind it isnt it?

The action is on already! Loads of different personalities. Each one unique as they were ushered into the house. Allowed to say quick farewell to family, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife before the door is closed behind him/her for 98 days. Phew! thats a long time of not really being yourself in your real environment and familiar people instead of stark strangers that are out for the same 100k goal.

My fingers are crossed!