Monday, April 22, 2013

I have decided to use this blog as an avenue to showcase some of the schemes that scammers use to take advantage of their unsuspecting victims. Here is one for a start:

ANITA ANIT (of course with fake facebook pictures and profile) started by sending me this message that presents a business offer:

I know that there are lots of people meeting other people on the internet, getting married, becoming lovers, becoming business partners but please for God's sake be careful whom you trust no matter how authentic they look and sound.

I got a repy from Anita Anit. She wasted no time to drop the whole 'business proposal' which is more of a romantic proposal than an investment proposal as the earlier message she sent. This time she dropped the ultimate bait. She sends me a picture of 'beautiful herself',
with this message:


adoration. I enjoy been homely, watch movies, reading, listen to music. I was enrolling to finals in nurse-midwife before myself and my family suffered a tragedy in my country. My beloved parents was unfortunate with wicked rebels in my country Republic of Cote d'Ivoire.
My late father Don Paul Jones was a managing director of a Gold & Mine industries in capital of Cote d'Ivoire, was a politician, engaged in other eminent businesses he was before his death. My mother and father was killed in cold blood. It was only me that is alive. I managed to make my way to a nearby country a republic in West Africa, independent member of the French community, formerly part of French West Africa, Senegal where I am seeking asylum understand missionary care. I will be very happy to know more about you, your country and your family, your job, I want to know what you like and dislike in life. What turns you on/off. I wish for our healthy relationship. Age is not in my dictionary. Please send me more photos. I hope you always be honest and sincere. Hold my hands I will take you there. worm embrace
Yours dearly

I guess I will be investing in her? If of course, I was that gullible. The name Anita Anit sounds like the kind of namescammers cook up in a hurry! (I visualised some dude sitting in front of his PC with like 20 fake profiles, flipping through them sending out messages and fake pictures to whomever would care to respond)