Friday, August 3, 2012

Chinese Quest for Olympic Gold: Torture or training?

  • Nanning Gymnasium in Nanning, China, is one of many ruthless training camps in China
  • Here children, some as young as five, battle to complete the demanding routines on bars, rings, and mats
Her face etched with pain, a child trains for Olympic glory while her gymnastics trainer stands on her legs.
The cartoon space rockets and animal astronauts on her tiny red leotard are a stark and powerful reminder of this little girl's tender age as she trains as hard as any adult athlete in the Western world.
Nanning Gymnasium in Nanning, China, is one of many ruthless training camps across the country to which parents send their children to learn how to be champions.

Hard training: Her face etched with pain, a child trains for Olympic glory while her gymnastics trainer stands on her legs.
But while training techniques appear extreme to Western eyes, they provide an insight into why China's athletes at London 2012 seem so easily able to swim, dive, lift and shoot their way to victory.
Gymnastic stars are known for starting at an incredibly early age, and this group of children appear no different as they battled to complete the demanding routines on bars, rings, and mats.

Ruthless: Boys and girls who looked no older than five or six-years-old were tasked with swinging on beams, hanging from pairs of rings and bounding across floor mats during the physically strenuous training sessions

Thursday, August 2, 2012

P-Square Buries Mom - Mrs Josephine Okoye

P Square mom Burial2 300x300 P Square Buries Mom– Mrs Josephine Okoye (photos)
P Square mom Burial1 300x300 P Square Buries Mom– Mrs Josephine Okoye (photos) 
 Mrs. Josephine Okoye, mother to Peter and Paul Okoye (P-Square) has been buried. 
The singing duo’s mother, who passed on after a heart surgery in India, receivea a one in town burial ceremony. Talebearers disclosed that the Okoye brothers led by Jude Engees Okoye, have spent almost N50m on the burial rites for their late mother.
It was also disclosed that the brothers have spent so much in giving their mother a well-befitting and world class burial for who they refer to as the only pillar of support behind the P-Square success.
Services of M.I.C for casket provision as well as interment celebrations have also been contracted. It was also gathered that Peter and Paul  promised to spare no cost in ensuring that their late mother is well laid to rest.

Some of the preparations and items that have seen the brothers spending so much include transporting her remains back to Nigeria; building a mausoleum; ordering for a very expensive casket; engaging services of burial team and event managers as well as catering for i bbnvited guests and colleagues.

Join other Nigerians to sympathize with P-Square and family.

Amazing: First Wooden Car Launched! Faster than a Porsche (Pictures)

Believe it or not an American, Joe Harmon has designed a car which is made almost entirely of wood. The car, called Splinter, was said to have been designed as his graduate project at the Industrial Design course – North Carolina State University.
Amazingly, the chassis, body, wheels and a large proportion of suspension are also made of wood, and it is super fast too – even more than a Porsche or a Lamborghini. . Other specifications of the car include:
Engine: 4.3liter turbocharged V8
Horsepower: 600bhp
Weight: 2500lb
Length 174.5in
Width 82.0in
Height 42.0in
Wheelbase 105.0in
The entire car, which is made from a combination of maple, plywood and MDF, weighs just 1,134kg – some 240kg less than the super lightweight Porsche. The eco-friendly two seater, which is fitted with a six-speed, manual gearbox, can sprint from 0 to 60mph in just over three seconds!
The ‘Splinter’ car can turn out a whopping 700bhp from its twin supercharged, 4.6litre V8 engine – almost 300bhp more than a Porsche 911. And with a top speed of a staggering 240mph, it will leave the Porsche or even the brand new Lamborghini Revanton behind.
According to Harmon, “The light weight is achieved through careful design and composite construction… The Splinter is not made from any carved-out, solid chunks of wood, but rather moulded laminates.”
So, if offered a ride in the splinter, would you hop in?

Mad Séx and excess use of condom of athletes At The London Olympics

We once reported that 150,000 condoms were handed out at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Since the he Olympics is a 15 day event that’s 10,000 condoms per day!
Here’s what US Gold Medal Swimmer Ryan Lochte had to say just before leaving for the games “My last Olympics, I had a girlfriend, big mistake. Now I’m single, so London should be really good. I’m excited.”

According to ESPN’s Body Issue:
The Olympic Village is basically one giant Séx-fest. US women’s soccer player Hope Solo was especially vocal on the issue, claiming she slept with a celebrity (that she wouldn’t name) and that people are having Séx right out in the open “On the grass, between buildings. People are getting down and dirty.”
At the 2000 Sydney Olympics 70,000 free condoms available, and that was not enough, an additional 20,000 condoms had to be brought in to meet demand. Since then 100,000 condoms have been made available but it was upped to 150,000 this year because it is London.
To give you an idea of how crazy things get at the Olympics check out these Crazy Anecdotes From ESPN’s Story On Séx At The Olympic Village:
At the 2000 Sydney Games, US javelin competitor Breaux Greer had Séx with three women every day for 2 weeks.
US soccer player Hope Solo snuck a celebrity into her room after winning gold at the 2008 Beiging Games, but won’t say who (rumour has it that it’s Vince Vaughn)
At the 1994 Winter Olympic games, Skier Carrie Sheinberg said two German bobsledders tried to trade her their gold medals for “some group fun”
At the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver six athletes from Germany, Canada, and Austria were involved in and  órgy in a whirlpool at a house outside the Village.

PHOTO – Woman Gives Birth To LIVE Monkey-Like Baby In Otukpo, Benue State

A young Nigerian woman has been delivered of a monkey-like monster in Otukpo, a popular town in Benue State. It was said to have taken place recently at St Theresa Hospital, Otukpo
This wife of a hunter from Oju Local Government Area of the state was said to have given birth to a creature that looks like a monkey.
The strange delivery, was gathered, came as a surprise to the already mother of nine the who had successfully delivered nine children in the past and was having her 10th child before the strange creature visited her. According to an eyewitness, when the news broke out, residents of the town, especially those at the nearby Otukpo main market rushed to the hospital to see for themselves.
Describing the strange development as congenital malformation, Medical Director of the hospital, Dr Stanley Bwala said the malformation could have been forestalled if the woman was attending antenatal care regularly and advised pregnant women to always avail themselves to routine ante natal treatment.

However, it was gathered that as soon as the hunter heard about the delivery, he came and removed the monster from the hospital, even as observers believed the abnormal birth was a usual occurrence to hunters who have killed several animals during hunting.
In a brief chat with elder Adah Okoh, a traditional ruler in the area, he noted that in the Idoma tradition, such child should not be allowed to stay with the mother for fear of reincarnation. Asked if the monster should be buried alive or killed, elder Okoh said that should be left for the family to decide.

Story via

One of those stories that go unconfirmed but attracts a lot of attention. LOL!

10 Rocket Propelled Grenades Recovered In Nigeria-Chad Border Following Gun-Duel With Suspected Militants


By SaharaReporters, New York About 10 Rocket Propelled Grenades and other sophisticated weapons were recovered at the Nigeria-Chad boundary in Borno State by a joint multi-national military squad on Monday. The incident was confirmed to SaharaReporters by Lt.Col. Sagir Musa, who said the weapons were recovered following a gun battle which left some suspected Islamist extremists dead in Daban Masara border town. According to him, “The vehicle was intercepted on Monday at about 9pm local time by a combined team of Secret Security Services, the multi-national Joint Task Force, JTF and other security forces.” Other arms in the consignment included 10 rocket chargers, two AK 47 rifles, and 13 magazines with six rounds of 7.62 mm special ammunition, he said. This incident confirms that Nigerian and Chadian troops are now working together at the border.

Photo: Akon’s photo causes reaction from fans

So many pictures of Akon was posted on this day and this particular one seem to be creating more cloud than the rest. The riot this particular picture has created seem to be going beyond the acceptable as many seem to be expecting much more than what our dear African music icon has displayed. Initially when the post was made, social network didn’t have much reaction on the way the star singer had positioned his hand on the bum of the statue, but later a lot of fans that probably held the star in high esteem for his new personality felt he was not doing good by displaying such a picture of himself. The real question is WHAT REALLY IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Report: Kobe Bryant’s wife got mad at him for shirtless picture at Team USA party (PHOTO)


Just like any wife who saw a photo on the Internet of her previously philandering husband sitting shirtless on a bar in a Barcelona nightclub with two young women, Vanessa Bryant was "embarrassed" and "furious" last week when she saw a photo of Kobe in a compromising spot at a Team USA basketball function in Barcelona, according to TMZ.

TMZ says Vanessa wasn't upset because she thought Kobe was cheating on her; she was upset that he allowed himself to get in a position where such a picture was taken. The couple has had a tumultuous public relationship. They recently called off divorce proceedings in an attempt at reconciliation.

How did Kobe manage to get in that spot in the first place? A source tells TMZ that a drink spilled on his shirt and he was waiting for a replacement.

Vanessa flew to London with the couple's two daughters over the weekend to see Kobe and Team USA start the basketball competition. The trip was planned before the photograph hit the Web.
Kobe and Team USA are 1-0 in the Olympic tournament. They are 55-point favorites on Tuesday night against Tunisia.
Team USA was in Barcelona playing exhibitions and celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original Dream Team. What's the old saying: When in Barcelona, do as the Barkley did?

This looks more like a 'QUICKIE ROOM'. Matrasse anyone?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012



One of the most anticipated concerts of this year, the Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) concert, featuring some of the label’s famous musicians (Banky, Wizkid, and Skales) took place last night in NYC. While there have been many reviews of the concert already, thanks to the individuals in twitter land, I’m here to give you an exclusive look into the concert. Let’s begin with the positive:
Although the concert began relatively late, (should have started at 10PM, but didn’t start until around 1AM) fans were still more eager than ever to see their “favorite boy” Wizkid. And so it’s understandable that as soon as wiz was called out, there was mayhem. Rotimi, the talented actor/singer took the stage first, as he (serenaded the ladies) warmed up the audience with Mario’s “Let Me Love You”, and despite that fact that the “warm up” performance was short, he promised to be back for more. (AND HE WAS!! SHIRTLES icon biggrin WIZKID, BANKY W, SKALES, ROTIMI IN NYC | #REVIEW ). Skales took the stage next, showing some of his dance moves while performing his hits, including the crowd favorite “mukulu”. I heard skales harmonizing with banky… dude can sing ooo. Lol
Next up was Wizkid, who of course drove the crowd (especially the ladies) wild, as some fans even had to be held back by security; resulting in Wizkid’s verbal altercation with one of the security members. I’m sure his fans were humbled and please by his rescuing act. Way to go wiz! Mr. Wellington then took the stage to perform a variety of songs, from giving them “strong tin”, and then taking them to the “Lagos party” (well, NY party), and then some. Although some of the songs were performed to their tracks, a few songs were performed with a live band, giving the fans a more direct and interactive feel to their music. In essence, the four artists took the stage and not only entertained their fans, but enjoyed themselves while doing so.

I honestly felt like there was a lot going on (too much noise) and the concert had potential to be better than what it resulted to be. I for one did not appreciate a concert starting hours later than it was supposed to start. This happens with most Nigerian events, but that doesn’t mean it should be acceptable, especially when no apology was issued by the artists’ or the organizers.
Secondly, I know that some fans were very excited to see Wizkid, but come on ladies! I don’t think getting to the point where the security has to escort you out is beneficial to you. Remember: you paid to watch this artist perform.
Lastly, the fights: how is it not embarrassing that in almost every Nigerian event that takes place, there’s always a fight? What happened to just talking things out? The fight even extended into the VIP room. I heard gist about the fight starting because a lady refused a guy her number, and he decided to show her how he felt with his belt. Really? LOL! To conclude, the EME concert was quite an experience! Check out some pictures from below and tell us what your experience was. p.s: to check out more photos, visit Adewest Media on Facebook. cheers!!!

Check out the rest of the pictures Here.
Photo Credits: Adewest Media