Thursday, January 31, 2008


I look around me, and I see my country's endowments. It dawns on me and I couldnt help but say: "Nigeria is beautiful! I ain't lying. You may say beauty is in eyes of the beholder (to my eyes only) and you might just be right. But just before your verdict, overlook the shortcomings - which of course you will see same or some everywhere else in this our imperfect world. Then and only then will you see the beautiful Nigeria that I see already.

Nigeria is really beautiful, if you consider that the percentage of scammers to non-scammers is 1:1000 (Lol! not bad is it?); that the second ratio (nonscammers) are those of us who do other things. You may ask where the corrupt government officials fall(They are about 1 percent of the remaining ratio (non scammers: mathematically)); that in the second ratio are the truly-Nigerians who aspire to see that the Nigeria persona is espoused. A few good men, but too enough to make a huge impact.

The wind of change is blowing and thats the beauty of Nigeria. The beauty of the Change is what i see. Time will tell if history will repeat itself as it has always been. Take Our "Nacent" (an adjective of Nigerian politicians) democracy for example. Gradually it is become more of what democracy should be. I know... but we will get there sooner than our detractors expect.

Nigeria is beautiful. Look around you and see that even for one thing God loves us enough to keep us away from the total destruction and set back that war can cause. We Nigerians would see how our leaders queue up and deceive us one after the other. Instead of taking up arms we take up our Bibles, Korans, Chaplets, Chesbies and other religious paramphenelia and turn to God.

I believe that even though our motto is Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress, in our hearts it is "In God we trust". Thats the beauty of Nigeria.