Thursday, September 27, 2007


Men Wetin I take ma eyes see this afternoon, I wan laugh die. But true, its not a laughing matter. Our Distinguished Senator Love life no be small.

Make I cool down yarn una as I take see am.

As usual, I went to check on my friend and check out what was happening at the National Assembly Abuja today. As I was approaching the entrance to the new set of buildings (Senate Wing), I saw what I could only interpret as a 100 metre dash. Only that this time the runners are definitely not dress or prepared for the race and they were made up of distinguished Senators, Honourables and other unidentified persons.

In utter confusion, I breaked and watched as herds of men and women were struggling to outrun each other out of the only entrance and exit doors. See as dem dey tear race. Then it occurred to me that these highly placed movers and shakers of Nigeria could only be running for their dear lives. My instincts kicked in, ah! abi na last weeks fight at the House of Reps 624m contract scam don degenerate to a bigger skirmish!

Now I decided to just keep my distance and observe what is up. After a while I noticed they all stopped outside the building and were looking back into the building, bewildered.

To cut a long story short, there was an emergency alarm that went off. Apparently, as the building is new, the Julius Berger technicians were rounding up their work and carrying out some routine tests on the Emergency, and Fire Alarm Systems which is connected to the Public Announcement system. As they tested the automated emergency announcement, all hell let loose. The automated emergency system with a computerized voice triggered: "Attention, this is announcing a code red emergency, evacuate the building. I repeat, evacuate the building"

As they had ran to safety, One Distinguished Senator asked another what it was. I overheard him answer "I think it was a bomb" then another person said: "no i think that was fire". Then over the P.A. system I heard: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Sorry for the inconvenience. That was a false alarm and the fault has been ratified"

Immediately I realised that I was freely moving around and standing beside these mighty men that on a good day, their aides do not allow anyone approach 5 yards closer to them. But now in the midst of fear and uncertainty everyman is equal. Even in a 100metre dash, agbada no be hinderance! That is Naija for U. Honestly am impressed with this state of the art emergency system.