Monday, January 21, 2008


Sometime in 1985, my primary school teacher asked me. "What would you like to be when you grow up"? Looking back at that time I could not give any answer then, I drew a blank for 8 seconds, then I looked up and saw a poster of the then Nigeria Military Leader General Buhari that has been hanging in my class I answered: "The President". She gave me a smile and said: "Very good". Being the first person to be asked, I realised every other person in my class was saying they wanted to be doctors, lawyers, engineers and so on. That made me feel very stupid, I was the odd one out! Now at that age you can imagine what it means to be the odd one out. Immediately I raised by hand and called out "Aunty" (that's for teacher in Naija), "I want to be a doctor", trying to save face for the playground.

Looking back at that day after so many years I realize I was right! I want to be the President of Nigeria. LOL!. I really do. I am sure you will support my mandate when you here me out.

Nigeria is like a big company. Being the president of a company, it should be my sole responsibility to run my company the way I find fit and beneficial to me, my family and I. Well thats actually what my mind is telling me: "that every Nigerian President had run the affairs of this company, sorry.. country!!! like his own personal business (business as in personal profit making venture) . Fellow Nigerians, because I have seen presidents and head of states come and go, my first initiative as a president will be innovative.

But before I proceed I would like to say I have a vested interest in the current president. By declaring his assets and other things I have seen and heard him do, I would say lets keep a close watch. Obasanjo gave us an impression of a clean and transparent leadership, but as my people would say "otu awu n'ezi" meaning "once beaten twice shy"...

Yardie is here to stay and from what is going, I hope for a difference. So Yardie, you better run it differently or else...